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Ford Auto Dealership Flooring

CHALLENGE: A Commercial Flooring Renovation
                   with NO SERVICE REVENUE IMPACT

1. A floor that can handle fork lift traffic
2. Pounded with continual car and truck traffic
3. Highly Chemically resistant
4. Easy to clean
5. Glossy appearance
6. Lines and logos that "pop" off the floor
7. Added slip resistance
8. Proven in automotive environments
9. Completed outside of business hours
10. Ready for Monday morning operations.

SOLUTION: Bring in The Amazing Flooring Pros!

1. Remove multiple layers of epoxies, urethanes, paints, etc
2. Grind floor smooth
3. Scuff floor to 100 Grit profile, vacuum and wash floor of all contaminates
4. Apply 10DFM of a specially developed, chemically resistant, rapid setting commercial epoxy
5. Broadcast aluminum oxide into this coating for slip resistance - allow to dry
6. Return to apply second coat 10DFM coat of epoxy - allow to dry
7. Return to apply stencils and lines (Safety Blue and Safety Yellow)
8.Allow sufficient set up time, peel off stencils
9.Allow 20 hours of final set up before returning furniture and vehicular traffic into the room
10. Return room to full functionality by Monday AM~!


Photo taken after the removal of multiple layers of stubborn old coatings...

*** Note aggregrate in floor where grinders have cut down high spots.  These are now as silky smooth as the rest of the floor ! 

Final step shown: 100 grit grind profile for epoxy application